Jason Maze - The Story Behind The Man

Jason Maze, owner and CEO of Maze Models a Fort Lauderdale based adult entertainment agency, as well as SoftICE Design a web devlopment and design company. Jason is a generous prick, and to sum him up well, the only thing more impressive than his rugged good-looks and irresistible charm is his incredible modesty, and drive to always be on top. Therefore, as a matter of speaking, he's kind-of a big deal; Jason Maze enjoys being wined and dined: requires fifteen minute back massages, and his pillow fluffed every night before he goes to bed, but also, Jason Maze is creative and spontaneous. Theres nothing that he enjoys more than doing something random, and then ending up having the time of your life doing it, and in addition, Jason Maze enjoys being surrounded by people who are motivated and determined. Furthermore, he loves food, all sorts, and the women who can cook them. Jason Maze laughs at guys who use corny pickup lines. Though "Your eyes are so blue, they remind me of Windex" and "I love your hair, it makes your head look normal" have been used multiple times, purely for his own self-amusement. If you think you're fun and unique then introduce yourself to him, otherwise don't waste his time.